If you  have often considered going on holiday with a group of friends or family (or both!) for birthdays, anniversaries or just a good old holiday, then here at Jouas we have the perfect and affordable solution!!  Based on our own experience of this type of holiday with freinds and family and for our wedding and weddings here, we know it can work!!!


We get a lot of demand for this type of holiday (or even groups of past guests booking the same week back as each other!) as the pressures of shopping, working out splitting bills, cleaning, the stress of preparing kids meals and childcare are all eliminated with our packages!!  


The added benefit - you actually get to spend your whole holiday together!  With the exception of lunches (apart from Sunday!) you will get your dinners (5/6 of them!) WITH wine included, the kids meals, drinks, breakfast, some babysitting and even 2 loads of laundry per couple per week all done for  you!!!!!


You can sit back, enjoy time to yourselves, catch up with friends and that all important family and even take advantage of additional childcare, romantic picnics or we can put on special music shows etc. as extras on request!


Please contact us for more information!!!