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Article 3 Option 2 (Business English) - Flying Business

Lesson 3 -Option 2 Business English

Flying for Business B1- B2

Adapted from

  1. Keywords Match the following words with their correct definition:

  2. long-haul

  3. exhausted

  4. toiletries

  5. baggage reclaim

  6. an investment

  7. jet lag

  8. prevent

  9. adjust

a. something you spend money on now to give you future benefits b. the feeling of being tired after flying c. the place at the airport where you get your bags after a flight d. things that you use to keep clean and smell nice (e.g shampoo) e. to get used to something

f. to stop something from happening g. travelling a long distance, usually by plane h. very tired

2. Article

The Business of travel: How to get the perfect long-haul routine

1 If you are clever about how you pack, plan, and eat it can make a big difference, says international businessman and author Marco Robinson.

2 When you’re exhausted, your sleep pattern is irregular because of travelling through different time zones, and you’re often living out of a suitcase, which can make international business feel even more stressful. For many of us business travel is necessary, but if you do a few simple things to make the process easier you will enjoy the benefits.

1 _____________________________________________________________

3 Pack as little as possible, take carry-on luggage and pack a small, clear toiletries bag so it is ready to go, rather than preparing it each time you travel. This will allow you to get through security quickly when you arrive at the airport and avoid baggage reclaim. Also, high quality luggage is a good investment. It doesn’t have to be made by a designer, it just has to be strong and practical to prevent problems.

2 ____________________________________________________________

4 A traveller who doesn’t get enough sleep will not be well prepared to do international business. Someone who is rested and relaxed will do much better. Arrive at your destination a couple of days before and give your body time to adjust. If this is not an option, reset your watch to the new time zone before you leave, and try to fix your sleeping pattern so it works in your destination. Once you have arrived, do not sleep unless it is dark outside - even though you might be very tired.

3 _______________________________________________________________

5 If you eat too much when you are flying, you will feel tired and full. If you are offered a lot of food try not to eat it all, and avoid carbohydrates. It is much better to wait and have a good meal at your destination. If you don’t drink enough water it can be a big problem when flying because of the low humidity levels in the plane’s cabin. So that you don’t get things such as headaches and dry eyes, drink plenty of water and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.

4 ____________________________________________________________

6 A broadband USB stick will give you an internet connection anywhere for a monthly payment, so you can do business as usual when you are travelling. This means you don’t have to get different log-ins and passwords when you connect to airport wi-fi. It might be a bit more expensive but it is much more convenient.

5 ______________________________________________________________

7 Being sensitive to cultural differences is vital to make sure a foreign business trip goes well. To avoid feeling embarrassed, spend time learning about a region’s religions, customs and politics.

8 And a few last, brief tips...

9 Wear shoes without laces so security don’t stop you. Do some exercises on the plane so you don’t get cramps and always wipe your tray table as they usually aren’t cleaned.

Adapted from The Independent 1st August 2016, by Marco Robinson

3. Reading The article is about how to arrive relaxed and ready to do business after a long flight. Match the headings to the numbered paragraphs in the article above.

  • Research your destination

  • Be smart when you are packing

  • Stay connected

  • Be smart with what you eat and drink

  • Fight jet lag

4. Synonyms

Look at the text and find a synonym for.....

  1. intelligent (P.1):

  2. useful (P.6):

  3. an area (P.7):

  4. important (P.7):

  5. habits (P.7):

  6. ashamed (P.7):

  7. quick (P.8):

  8. advice (P.8):

5. Find the words

Find the words and phrases in the text which mean...

  1. travelling around with the same clothes (phrase, P.2)

  2. a region of the world where it is same time in all places (noun, P.2):

  3. put only what you need in your suitcase (phrase, P.3):

  4. substances that give your body energy (noun - plural, P.5):

  5. the amount of water in the air (noun, P.5):

  6. the place where passengers sit on a plane (noun, P.5):

  7. continue like things are normal in a difficult situation (phrase, P.6):

  8. pains that you get when your muscles are tight (noun - plural P.9):

6. Collocations

Match the verbs above to the words below to form phrases from the text.

  1. sleep

  2. enjoy

  3. make

  4. reset

  5. spend

(a) a big difference

(b) pattern

(c) the benefits

(d) time

(e) a watch

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