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Our Story

Danny and Abbi are a sociable, fun-loving couple, with 2 girls of 10 and 13! When our first princess came along in 2004 it put a lot of things into perspective, most importantly that we needed a life style change. June 20th 2006 we gave up corporate work and left our old life to move to the Aveyron with Abbi's parents, for countryside living, French culture and what we hoped would be our ideal way of life.  Danny's parents have now also caught the bug and retired to the next village end of 2015! Our youngest came along one week after the end of the first season in September. The girls are now well settled into Secondary and Primary schools, they love gymnastics, dance, swimming and singing, we love sports; running, cycling and the gym

....we have absolutely no regrets!


We married in 2002 in a remote Villa 2.5hrs south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and on arriving at Jouas, the romanticism came flooding back! The location of the Mas is stunning, quiet, yet close enough for us to commerce to not feel secluded. Jouas has an ambiance that instantly relaxes you, offering plenty of space for the little ones to run about.


Abbi, a qualified Electrical Engineer, worked in the Digital Television industry and as University Lecturer in the UK, and English Teacher here in France, has a PGCE in HE, TEFL and experience in hotels and catering; she now has 11 Seasons worth of experience in cooking for large groups.  Danny, worked as a Business Change Manager for British Gas and also has a National Diploma in Leisure & Tourism. 


When our girls were young, finding holidays to relax; no restrictions for the kids, no compromise on luxury, excellent food and especially security, were pretty much non-existent unless we travelled to the Caribbean.  We decided to create what we believe is our perfect holiday. The fact that Jouas is separate from our accommodation gives guests freedom to wander down to the living area in the morning in their PJs with their early risers and make a cuppa, pop on the telly, get out the toys, read a book and dare we say...put their feet up, whilst their partner has a well deserved, rare lie-in (we do suggest you maybe take turns!)! We are so fortunate, the guests we have stay, are in general, of a similar nature and often age, and the atmosphere is always a real mix of relaxation, fun and fabulous conversation!

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